MidjourneyDall-E, and Stable Diffusion are poised to disrupt the market for commissioned art. How do these technologies work and how might they effect RPG publishing? Jason Pitre of Genesis of Legend Publishing joins to discuss.

Midjourney Bot home -Web interface for the Midjourney model

Stable Diffusion – Local or cloud image generation

Artbreeder – Image modification tool

Monkey Selfie Copyright case – The macaque who didn’t own a copyright

Jason on Mage the Podcast – In which we talk about belief mechanics

Noir World – Noir Powered by the Apocalypse

Sig: City of Blades – Totally not Sigil

Carry – A game about the Vietnam war

Poser – a 3D Rendering program

Todd Lockwood – Artist

Egon Schiele – Artist

Peter Mohrbacher – Artist

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